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TWO BORDELAIS are back in Bordeaux

Denise and Jean Pierre Moullé, former executive chef at Chez Panisse in Berkeley, have, as I’ve said before, the best culinary tour in France. They’ve been sharing their home, friends and family in the region around Bordeaux with Americans from New York to San Francisco for over 20 years. As most of their guests stay here at La Forge I get to spend the week with some of the most interesting people around my breakfast table. You might want to check out their web site: http://www.twobordelais.com/

This weeks tour was no exception as you can see from the photos.

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Active Gourmet Holidays

Jo-Ann, the owner of Active Gourmet Holidays has been sending me guests to find out “What’s Cooking in France” for several years now. When they cook with my friend Stephane they always produces a bountiful table with an italian flair !  You’ll find some of this week’s cooking on the recipe page. Our chefs, Xavier and Philippe’s, recipes are there as well.

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Taking a group of americans  to discover the gastronmy of the French pasture land with my friend Jean Pierre Moullé, our stop along the Normandy beaches turned out to be one of the most emotional moments of my life here in France. High above the cliffs I looked down on those beaches where hudrends of young american soldiers arrived laden with arms and the conviction that they were going to free Europe from Hitler’s hands. For most of them it was their first time out side of their own country. Hundreds stayed forever in this gentle Normandy countryside and I met them in the white fields of crosses covering acres along the French coast. They were mostly they same age as I was when I first arrived in France 24 years later….and I stayed too…to live in a France freed by them.  The French, though they sometimes seem to forget, are ever greatful to those young men.

The Peace Museum in Caen is a wonderful “merci!” to them all….don’t miss it when you come to Normandy !

For the next tour to Normandy with Jean Pierre and Denise Moullé check their web site: http://www.twobordelais.com

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What’s Cooking in France

Bonjour from France !

Bonjour from France !

What’s cooking is my new blog  about:

B&B in Bordeaux and it’s country side and in Paris

House rentals and exchanges

Personalized tours

Cooking classes


Artist’s and artisan’s studios

As an American having lived in France for all of my adult life I started http://www.whatscookinginfrnace.com as the  perfect way to get to know the French and France. I’ve established a intimate network of friends with Bed and Breakfasts  “à la Française”  in country houses and Paris apartments. I propose organising winetastings with passionate experts, cooking classes in private home kitchens, lunches with new French friends,  visits to extraordinary gardens,  to artists’ studios and to their collectors’ homes and gallerys . I also want to let you know what’s going on at the moment that you shouldn’t miss. I can help you put together your next trip to France… to those places off the beaten track where you’ll experince France better than you ever imagined.

Carol de Montrichard Dalléas



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