antiques“Brocante” is the French word for flea-market type antiques, all those inexpensive goodies we like to find that are sometime valuable only to our eyes…the word “antiques” being saved for more obviously valuable objects at least 100 years old ! As an object’s value is always in the eyes of the beholder, I generally prefer « brocante » to antique shops as it gives me more the impression of a possible serendipity find.

What’s more fun than poking around in antique shops and flea markets while on vacation. It’s often the perfect way to find unexpected gifts to take home…I never really need anything because my house is full…but looking for gifts is a good excuse and I find that, somehow,  I can always make a little room for just one more thing…

I’d be delighted to help you plan a day on your own to find the local « brocanteurs » and antique shop in our villages and along country roads or in the antique districts of Bordeaux. However, I can also organize a day …or a week…of “brocante”, including weekend flea markets and antique shops, with me to show you the way, to help negotiate prices, and to drive, which also alows you to  enjoy the wine when we stop for lunch at a local restaurant. Bring your friends and stay a few days here at La Forge ! Both the guest rooms and the cottage are available for small groups of 3 to 8 friends.

carol mois de mars 030This may be organized any time of year, but it is most fun in the spring and fall. Contact me for prices and questions.

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