For all those who have enjoyed sleeping in the antique linen sheets on our beds or admired our beautiful table linens this page is for you!

Jeanine at La Forge

Janine at La Forge

Janine, my good friend and specialist in antique linens, has given me permisson to offer her most beautiful pieces to my guests via my web site. You perhaps met her and her husband, Bernard (who’s the furniture expert), when you were here as she has often exhibited under our linden tree and most everyone has gone home with lovely initialed napkins, an embroidered linen table cloth, beautiful bed sheets or perhaps some wonderful French dish towels. These treasures often come from a wedding trousseau with somany pieces that many were never used. I always marvel at the time that must have been spent to prepare a trousseau,  the endless hours that went into stitching, emboidering and making lace for these linens. I love to put the ones I’ve collected on my beds and table for the pleasure of my guests…and me.

I’ll showcase some of Jannine’s pieces each month. You may buy them directly from her via my Paypal account and have them shipped to you in a specially prepared box. Or, to avoid shipping costs, you can buy your linens and I will keep them for you on a special shelf in my “armoire à linge” until you come to La Forge to pick them up!

The prices are in euros with the equivialent in dollars ( that may change from time to time). If you would like them shipped, the cost to the US is 39,85€/54,18$US for up to 5Kg, from 5-7Kg, the price is 46,75€/62,38$US. The deivery time once I receive your order is 5 days to a week. The weight is indicated with most articles. Please contact me at if you are interested.

Linens now available:  BED LINENS

carol 009 carol 011 carol 012

(BL 1 avril 23/13) embroidered sheet with daisys and pulled work in linen and cotton

width: 226cm/89inches

foldover height: 50cm/19inches

monogram: 24/14cm 9,5×5,5inches

weight 1,95Kg/68oz

price: 130€/$170 US

SOLD but there are more to come…check back in a few days


(BL2 avril 23/13) linen sheet hand embroidered with pulled work and richelieu broderies with flower motifs

width: 238cm/94inches

foldover height:120cm/47inches

monogram: 30x40cm/12×16 inches

weight: 1,650Kg/58oz

price: 160€/$209 US

SOLD but there are more to come

carol 020

carol 016 carol 018 carol 023



carol 006

12 hand embroidered napkins:

65cm x 75cm (25″ x 30″)

Monogram: CL 4×7 (2″ x 3″)

Weight: 1,200Kg  (42,33oz)

Price: 80€ / $103


carol 012

6 napkins: hand sewn pulled work and hems

57cm x 65cm (22″ x 26″)

Monogramme: FV 5cm x 8cm (2″ x 3″)

weight: 0,535 Kg  (18,87oz)

price: 35€/ $45


carol 008

12 napkins: 65cm x 75cm (26″ x 29″)

monogram: OR 7cm x 10cm (3″ x 4″)

weight: 1,200Kg (42oz)

price: 80€/$104



1940’s TABLE CLOTH and matching NAPKINS

TABLE CLOTH: 150cm x 220cm (59″ x 86″)

NAPKINS: 58cm x 54cm (23″ x 21″)

Monogram: GB

weight: 1,400Kg (49,38oz)

price: 80€/$104




blue woven design, blue embroidered monogram

TABLE CLOTH: 115cm x 125cm (45″ x 49″)

NAPKINS: 25cm x 27cm (10″ x 11″)

Monogram JC

weight: 0,600Kg (21oz)

price: 75€ / $97










  1. Luigi

    Hello I would love to purchase two or three king size Fin de lin white flat sheets to use as a bottom sheet, would you have these to sell. thank you

  2. Christa

    Does the napkins with initials CL come with tablecloth or just napkins? Thank you

  3. Bonnie Krempa

    Hi there! I am interested in queen flat linen sheets. Do you have any?

    • whatscookinginfrance

      Bonjour Bonnie,
      I’ll see my antique linen friend on the 14th so I’ll see what she has available. As antique sheets were not made as “queen size” about what size (in inches) are you looking for ? How many do you want and do you want fancy embroiderys or just monograms ?
      bien a vous,

  4. Bonnie Krempa

    I might be interested in two based on the cost. Looking for something that could be used on a queen. I want something for everyday. I am ok with just monograms or a little fancy something. I just do not want anything so delicate that it needs repair after everyday use. Thanks!

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