6/8 Persons :

6 eggplants, 6/8 tomatoes, olive oil, bread-crumbs, parsley, garlic, salt, pepper.

Split the eggplants lengthwise ( the slices must be 1 cm thick) and spinkle with the salt to drain the water.

Dry with a kitchen paper.

Fry the slices with plenty of olive oil, press and then reserve them.

Cut the tomatoes through the middle, take off the pips and the juice; brown with olive oil, strain.

Slightly salt and pepper the vegetables and put them in a oven-proff dish: start with a level of eggplants, add bread-crumbs mix with garlic and parsley, then one of tomatoes , bread-crumbs mix with garlic and parsley and so on, finish with tomatoes.

Baste with olive oil and bake in a hot oven 200°C for ¾ hour.


Velouté de choux fleur aux asperges et langoustines


Mertic weight

US weight



leek whites


white stock

liquid cream

table salt

green asperagas









5,29 oz

5,29 oz

0,6 lb

1 lb

5,3 pt

0,53 pt


24 Pieces

24 Pieces

  • Peel green asperagas, cook in boiling salted water about 7 min. plung into ice water and drain.

  • Shell the langoustines and reserve the tails in the fridge

  • wash and pare all of the vegetables, mince the white part of the leeks and cut off the cauliflower fleurettes (and reserve)..

  • Sweat the leek whites in the butter (all of the butter), add the flour mixture and cook gently for 1 minute. Add the cold white stock, stir and bring to a boil while wisking.

  • Salt and and add the rest of the cauliflower, cook gently in a covered pan for about 35 minutes.

  • During this time blanche the little tips of the cauliflower about 3 miutes, drain and plung in cold water.

  • Mix the cooked cauliflower and put it through a sive (un chinois), whip to lighten the mixture,place in pot, bring to a boil and check the seasoning.

  • Sauté the langoustines in olive oil and add the asperagas tips.

  • Pour the velouté into a soup dish and add the longoustines and the asperagas tips as shown above.

Philippe’s FRAISE AUX CROUSTILLANTS (stawberries with orange crisps) served with a cold chocolate cream

For 6 servings

2 cups of rinced and de-stemed strawberries

sauté gently in butter one cup of stawberries…set aside

save the other berries

Croustillants à l’orange

123 g sucre                    4,34 oz sugar

45g beurre                     1,49 oz butter

35g Jus d’orange         1,23 oz orange juice

35g farine                       1,23 oz flour

spread in VERY thin circles on silicone cookie sheet

bake for 10 minutes, or until golden, at      180°C   (350°F)  Cool

Chocolat Cream

melt chocolate and sugar, set aside.

20g sucre                                   0,05 oz sugar

100g chocolat                          3,53 oz chocolate

heat together constantly stiring until thick :

100g lait                                   3,53 oz milk

100g creme liquide              3,53 oz whipping cream

40g jaunes                                 0,088 oz yolks

stir chocolate/sugar mixture into egg and cream until smooth.

pour into small glasses and chill in fridge


Place one orange crisp on serving plate, top with butter glazed berries,

top with second crisp and fresh berries with a little  “quenelle”  (little spoon full) of  creme fraiche

Place chocolate cream filled glass on plate or beside it to enjoy together !

Stephane’s BLANQUETTE DE VEAU (veal stew)

This is THE french comfort food !

For 6/8 pesons:

500 g of tendron of veal and 800 g of breast or shoulder, 1 onion stuck with 4 cloves, 1 clove of garlic, bouquet garni( thyme, laurel & parsley), 1 carrot, 2 tablespoon flour, 2 to cup dry white wine to cover the meat, 50 g butter or olive oil, salt and pepper.

For the roux: 50g butter, 40g flour, 1 yolk, 2 tablespoon of cream, mushrooms, lemon juice.

Melt butter or olive oil, add the pieces of veal.

Sweat the veal, sprinkle the flour and add garlic, onion, carrot, the bouquet garni, white wine, salt and pepper.

About 5/10 mn, add more white wine (or water) until recover the meat.

Cook gradually almost for 1 hour or cook in a pressure cooker for 30 mn.

Make the roux: melt 50 g butter with 40 g of flour, thicken with 2 cups of the blanquette bouillon and ½ lemon juice.

Out off the fire, mix the yolk with cream and add it at the roux.

Clean, slice the mushrooms and cook them with buter. You will sprinkle them completely at the end on the blanquette in the service dish.

You can serve the blanquette with steamed potatoes or boiled rice.

Other option : the same recipe with lamb.

Philippe’s Crème de Champignons for 4

500g of button mushrooms

3 shallots, flat parsley and celery

½ liter cream, 50g butter + 2 table spoons of olive oil

½ liter chicken broth

150g side smoked bacon cut into small thin pieces and grilled in dry pan

a pinch of dried garlic

Wipe the mushrooms and slice thinly

Peel shallots and slice thinly with celery and parsley

sweat mixture in pan with butter and oil,

add mushrooms, salt

cook for 10 min. just begins to color

Add the chicken stock, simmer for aprox 40 min add cream, mix with wand blender

bring to a boil and let cook for another 10 min

when serving add little pieces of the parsley leaves and grilled bacon to each bowl


Marc’s Florentins

100 g milk

300 g sugar

combine milk and sugar and dissolve over low heat

add 300 g butter,

100g glucos or honey

Stir  until melted,

add 500 g sliced, monded almonds,

fill very thinly small, ungreased, aluminum pans (10cm or 4 inches)

cook at 155°C (311°F) for 15 minutes.

Cool and unmold

makes about 40/45 pieces



For 6/8 persons:

500 g Prunes (a cup of tea), 3 tablespoons of all purpose flour, ¼ cup of powder sugar,

4 eggs, 3 cups of milk, 1 small cup of Armagnac or rum, 1 tablespoon of butter, salt, brown sugar and icing sugar.

If the prunes are too much dried, prepare a big cup of tea and let soak the prunes.

Mix eggs and sugar, add a pich of salt and flour together, add the milk, melt the butter and add it to the preparation.

Buttered a cake mold, sprinkles with 1 tablespoon of brown sugar and spread out the prunes, pour the Armagnac over and pour the preparation on top.

Cook in a moderate oven (200°C or 400°F) for 45 mn.

Serve tepide or cold, sprinkle with 1 tablespoon of icing sugar.

You can make the same cake with differents fruits: pears, apples, cherries, apricots…, cut it in small cubes and flavor with the alcool chosen and recover with the preparation.

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