Our Kitchen here at La Forge


*”You mean you made everything in this tiny kitchen!”…said one of my American guests as she helped me clear off the table. A small but fully packed kitchen doesn’t hinder us from cooking up some great meals. However, for our cooking classes we head over to our farm (a mile down the road) and use the large renovated kitchen in Bruno’s “Miller’s Cottage”.

**Our talented baker friend, Carlos Alves, who has a wonderful traditional French boulangerie et patisserie (l’Art du Pain) in the town of Saint Gaudens near the Spanish border…after bringing back to life several other old boulangeries in the south of France and creating one in Brazil.

He arrived here at La Forge laden with breads, brioche and “croustades”… needless to say our guests were as delighted as we to have a “bread tasting” for breakfast this morning.

***My pastry marble that always seems to fill up with more than pastry dough and a rolling pin !   The magnetic spice holders were found at a local supermarket.























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One response to “Our Kitchen here at La Forge

  1. Dagny

    I love that kitchen, Carol, and I bet spring has come! Dagny

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