Bruno and I spent a delightful morning with Bordeaux’s best Boulanger, Jan Demaitre and his wife Niki Vermassen.

After seeing a little note in Helen Wood’s blog I called the listed number and was ever so surprised to find that I was talking to Jan, Bordeaux first and best organic bread baker. When ever I went into the city I’d stop by his wonderful boulangerie but I’d never met him.

We spent the morning talking about bread: flour, salt, water and a bit of Jan’s 35 year old starter, levain, sometimes called “wild yeast”. After making and kneading our own bread we left with Jans early morning bread hot from the oven and a jar of “levain” that we’re going to continue to look after and feed (it’s sort of like taking home a baby kitten). I’m already looking forward to making english crumpets with the levain as well…that sounds like a good “entente cordial”.
I’m looking forward to add their association, La Femme du Boulanger, to the propositions for my guests. Their idea of sharing a bit of their professional “savoir faire” in the intimacy of their home is exactly what I try to find for you when you visit us in France. Let me know if you would like to sign up. By the way, Jan and Niki both speak very good english.

Look up “La Femme du Boulanger Asso 1901” on Facebook !!

IMG_1711 IMG_1713 IMG_1714 IMG_1716 IMG_1719

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