THE BANKS OF THE DORDOGNE…and an almost 1713 year old Roman road map

After visiting with Dominique Chaigne to talk about her excellent website   (in french) where she helps promote our region of Entre Deux Mers she suggested joining one of the visits she had put together for a group of local french visitors.    Between two March showers I joined a friendly and well informed guide, Marie Catherine, to rediscover the banks of the Dordogne river, 10 minutes only from home. A place I know well in the summer as I organise boat trips and walks for my guests there…but rarely walk its banks this time of year. It was interesting to hear someone else talk about places where I usually do the talking…I knew about the Roman roadway that went through Entre Deux Mers but I  learned that it’s noted on an ancient Roman road map dating from 300AD called the “Map of Peutinger”, now in the Austrian National Archives that you can see only a bit of in my photo…. but I found the whole long role on Youtube !

IMG_1591 IMG_1594 IMG_1597 IMG_1603





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