WHAT’S COOKING IN BORDEAUX…. a French hamburger !

It might seem strange to see me writing about a French hamburger, but to understand why, you’ll just have to come to Bordeaux to taste one of the specialties at VACHER BURGER (vacher translates as a “cow heard”). When Eloise and I went recently, I had the Marcel (locally raised beef, homemade bar-b-q sauce, cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce, onion and pickles) with real “french” fries, homemade mayonnaise and catsup). Eloïse tried the Léon (the same tasty beef — but she ordered hers rare — with a homemade bacon sauce, onion, raw milk cheese and arugula). Both burgers are served on the perfect bun made by the bakery just around the corner.

vacher burger 006

VACHER BURGER opened two months ago in two Bordeaux locations: 38 cours Portal (near the antique district, near several of my favorite shops — Totems et Tabous and Vert-Tige — and across the street from one of the city’s chic new pastry shops, Antoine)  and 15 rue Pilliers de Tutelle in the center of town. VACHER BURGER’s owner and creator is an enthusiastic graphic artist and architect who’s been wanting to open a real “hamburger joint” like this for a long time.

vacher burger 001

Both Eloïse and I were delighted with the taste of the beef and the bun and with the quality of the homemade sauces — and the atmosphere. We can’t wait to introduce these “real burgers” to our French friends, many of whom only know hamburgers put together under the golden arch. French or American, it’s the taste that counts!

When you come to Bordeaux you’ll have all the good wine and cheese you want — but I’ll also send you to discover the Bordeaux “hamburger joint”.

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  1. Dagny

    Oh Carol, How I’d love to taste that hamburger! Dagny

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