bikers Mai 13 002

When I first started my website, I titled a theme week “Biking and Cooking” because a brand-new 85Km bicycle path had just opened from Bordeaux to the heart of Entre Deux Mers. What I didn’t realize was that I had opened my door to the amazing community of motor bikes! However, it was only this past week that they arrived: a delightful American couple who’d been biking though France and Spain for 6 weeks, followed by three young English couples who’d biked over from London for the weekend on their vintage bikes.

Over pancakes and eggs for the English and a traditional French breakfast for the Americans, I heard about their biking adventures. Even though Carol and Art had to bike through Spanish sleet on their way up here, I was a little envious of their ability to pack up everything into three little bags and just take off. What freedom! Fortunately for them, this weekend was perfect for wandering the little backroads….and although I’ve often thought of bikers as fast  and crazy drivers, this week’s four couples reminded me that biking can offer quite a different story. Also, the fact that all the women looked very chic in their helmets and biking outfits reminded me that we often have a lot of preconceptions – and misconceptions — about “les motards” !  bikers Mai 13 011 bikers Mai 13 013 bikers Mai 13 014

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