It didn’t freeze last night so the tulips, fruit blossoms and clementis are as wonderful as ever…and the Viburnum’s heavy fragrance is as overpowering as always and reminds me of our garden in Indiana…but never the less the temperature this morning made it hot chocolate time again ! My son gave me a milk frother and though I don’t drink coffee it makes the perfect way to top off my hot chocolate. When Bruno commented that our guests must enjoy that and I realised that it’s rare that guests ask for hot chocolate. Now that we’ve had several dégustations of chocolate with Serge Michaud, owner and chocolatier of one of the two oldest chocolate shops in Bordeaux: Cadiot Badie, I’ve been enjoyed my hot chocolate even more.web page april 23 13 006

The “Coq en Pâte” in the photo has nothing to do with chocolate but I picked it up at a little store in Créon that I’ll point you to when you’re at La Forge…and I enjoy it on my breakfast table as a hotplate.

Now I’m off to visit my antique linen expert, Janine, and see her stand at a new collective antique shop on the road to St Foy la Grande. She wants to show me the linens she has set aside for my guests…

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