I didn’t have too much time to sit and enjoy my super comfortable 1930’s lawn chairs or watch my garden grow but our many new guests certainly did. Despite all the activities I helped them organise they enjoyed coming back home each day to just relax in the garden with a good book…La Forge has a great French/English library and subscribes to several papers and magazines including the Christian Science Monitor.

As usual my guests with the Two Bordelais: Jean Pierre and Denise were all delightful and I hope they’ll come back often.
I’ve been having more and more French guests as well as my usual international ones. This is a bonus for everyone as that what this French American home is all about…the place to meet the French but with a little American touch that the French enjoy as well.
We’re busy refreshing La Forge for next years guests and using the services of my daughter Eloïse as the interior designer…you can see some of the changes on her new web site: http://www.changerdinterieur.com

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